Ajinkya Bhagwat : A emerging superstar in the music industry

Ajinkya Bhagwat : A emerging superstar in the music industry

*Ajinkya Bhagwat : A emerging superstar in the music industry*

This young guy who hails from Akola Maharashtra has touched the right chords striking popularity among millions of listeners across India.

The rate at which developments has taken place across the globe has been humongous. The advent and rise of new technologies have also given birth to the new age professional who gives it all to make a great impact for themselves. Be it be retail, finance, sports, politics, there has been good number of youngster steering up in all domains of the society and economy at large. Music industry too has seen tremendous growth and potential and has given lot of opportunities to many budding artists and singers. The amount of these youngsters that have stood at par with many other profound and established music artist have been astonishing. Let’s meet one such 21-year-old music prodigy who has raised many eyebrows with his sheer talent, passion, and love for music- Ajinkya Bhagwat.

Being inclined towards music since childhood, Ajinkya realized long time back that he just needed to back his talent to make it big in the music realm and today he has been able to scale new ladders of success under his belt. All through this determination and resilience, Ajinkya doesn’t disappoint in his efforts and even in his results. Taking giant strides forward, he plans to start his own studio which will be one big hub and house for many upcoming artists like him, who wish to create a huge impact in the music industry. Ajinkya has also started his YouTube channel "Ajinkya Bhagwat " where he regularly posts about his new creations and songs which would be released in coming time.

Do watch out for this next gen music talent become one of the megastar rocking the music industry. Do follow him on Instagram www.instagram.com/_million_king_