Musical artist Achraf charif is preparing for a new artistic release

Musical artist Achraf charif is preparing for a new artistic release

Achraf Charif is a Moroccan music artist, songwriter, EDM producer, writer and podcaster

Born July 28, 2000 in Old Abu Berrechid, Morocco, a musical career.

Achraf Sherif started his career at the age of twenty in Abbou Berrechid, Morocco as an online music producer.

He later started releasing his original works on major streaming platforms.

He released the song "YOU ARE LOVED" for the first time on Spotify in 2022, and after a few months he released his music on many other global platforms such as Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram.

He is famous for his singles "You Are Loved" and "Live Way" on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

He also recently released the songs "Right Way" and "Free Spirit", and after building a strong presence in the music industry, Ashraf Sherif is preparing to release several of his new works. 

Of which

He also created a YouTube channel that he uses for music and...

Also to educate, guide, guide and assist fellow producers and integrate into the world of music artists

Achraf charif is preparing to release many of his works at the end of this month, including the quiet song "Luffy", and he is also seeking to publish his book, which guides steps to become a successful artist.

He also decided to establish an electronic school to teach children's music and wants to spread its music to the world, and announced the establishment of a podcast channel to communicate with its audience, get close to them, and share its diary.

Actor Achraf charif aspires to win his audience's trust by reviving concerts in Morocco.

Ella also hinted at the need for artistic cooperation with international artists to introduce Moroccan music.